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There are numerous examples of military traditions that create camaraderie among members, but only a few are as well-regarded as the tradition of carrying challenge coins. Many online readers today may not even know what challenge coins are and how they are applied within the modern day military ranks. Nonetheless, their value remains prevalent in many platforms.

military coinsA challenge coin is a small token or medallion that signifies an individual is a member of a particular organization. Each piece typically bears unique mottos or symbols that represent the group to which they belong. Although challenge coins have now become more common among civilian populations, they are still somewhat of a puzzle for those outside the military.

In the present day, challenge coins have broken out of being just a military tradition. These keepsake coins are being used by different organizations as tokens of appreciation, fundraising tools or for publicity purposes. For this reason, custom coin requirements have become more challenging and diverse. That’s why we have made coin customization even more extensive in order to fulfill every organization’s custom coin needs.

The First Known Challenge Coin

There are still no conclusive reports as to when, where and how challenge coins really came to be. The historical roots of these coins can be dated back from 50 to 100 years, depending on who you ask. One of the most familiar challenge coin stories involve a rich officer who gave his men bronze medallions minted with the insignia of the flying squadron. Shortly thereafter, one of the pilots was brought down over the land of Germany and got caught. The Germans seized everything on his possession, save a small cowhide pouch he was wearing around his neck in which his medallion was safely placed.

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The pilot managed to escape and advanced towards France. However, the French suspected him of being a spy and sentenced him to immediate execution. In an attempt to prove his real identity, the pilot drew out his medallion and presented it to the French authority. Luckily, one of the French soldiers recognized the insignia and the pilot’s execution was put off. When his identity was confirmed, he was safely sent back to his unit.

Challenge Coins of Modern Day

Presently, the popularity of challenge coins has evolved into something more than just a keepsake or a representation of individual military units. These valuable items are keenly traded amongst civilian, active-duty and retired personnel within different government agencies. Likewise, it has been a custom to present a custom challenge coin to special guests and dignitaries as a sign of respect and hospitality.

Moreover, the designs of challenge coins have evolved from being simple to more elaborate and multi-colored. This can be chiefly ascribed to the advances in the assembly method that have been culminated throughout the years. Modern-day coins are fashioned in such a way that allows each piece to display 3D images that oppose the actual detail found on the coin. Almost every feature of a custom coin can now be tailored to fit individual specifications and preferences. And this is exactly what we do here at ChallengeCoins4Less. We understand this modern progression and we want our customers to keep up with the latest trends. At the same time, we want you to carry a custom coin that you can be utterly proud of.

ChallengeCoins4Less: Your Source of Great Custom Coins

To keep pace with the recent advancements, we employ a revolutionary methodology in producing our coins. You are no longer limited to traditional round coins or basic shapes, we can create virtually all shapes—be it a star, dog tag or even the precise shape of the actual logo of your organization. Some of today’s widely popular coin features include sequential numbering, photographic inserts, special edgings and even key chains and bottle openers!

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When it comes to metal styles, we made effort to bring you more options as well. You are not restricted to traditional copper, nickel or pewter, you can now choose from a variety of unique finishes such as antiquing and duo-tone. These additions will certainly make your custom coins look more classic and appealing. Other additional options include diamond edge cuts, coin cutouts, epoxy coating, engraved text, translucent enamel and more!

How to Order Custom Coins

Ordering custom coins from ChallengeCoins4Less is easier, faster and absolutely hassle-free. You can get started by simply filling out our online quote form. It is free and you are not obliged to buy upon filling it out. We simply can’t wait to start working with you. Let us know what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Different Types of Research Chemicals for Sale

research-chemicalsThe advancement of science led us to technology and research. Scientists and other experts have thought of different ways on how to come up with new ideas and experiments just to make the world a better place to live in. There are a lot of studies that needs to be done in order to complete an experiment. One thing that research technology can do is to provide people with different products that would improve their health such as medicines and other health supplements. Those products are made with the help of research chemicals. Scientists try to find the best research chemicals for sale to make sure that they will end up with a quality product that would benefit a lot of people.

There are a lot of research chemicals for sale available on uniquemicals that can be bought from different suppliers and manufacturers. The suppliers are the ones who are knowledgeable regarding the different kinds of research chemicals. They are the ones who provide our scientists and doctors the quality products that they have, to achieve the specific effect of the drug that the doctors want to produce.

There are different types of Research Chemicals for Sale and here are just some of those:

1. Phenazepam

This research chemical is commonly used in neurology and it serves as a medicine to cure insomnia. It is also used to counteract epileptic seizures. Some doctors use Phenazepam as anesthesia. They inject it to their patients just before an operation. The recommended dose of this product is 10 mg per day and usage should not exceed longer than a month. Alcohol and other depressants should not be taken with this chemical for health and safety purposes.

2. Ephedrine Hcl

This product is a sympathomimetic amine. This is widely known as a strong stimulant as well as an appetite suppressant. Ephedrine is also believed to provide relief to nose congestion as well as treat hypotension due to the use of anesthesia. Ephedrine has a similar bond to its synthetic byproducts such as methamphetamine and amphetamine. Ephedrine is a product extracted from a variety of plants such as the genus Ephedra. Usually, most of it is marketed or being sold in sulfate or hydrochloride forms.

3. Methylhexanamine, DMAA

This chemical is commonly used as a dietary supplement as well as treatment for nasal problems. Its other name is dimethylamylamine. This product is also used as a main component for sport medications. This research chemical has a lot of trade names. Examples of which are Geranamine and Forthan. This chemical is said to have the same chemical properties as caffeine. Methylhexanamine is commonly used as a dietary supplement and is also effective in burning fats which is why most body building and weight management drugs contain this chemical.

4. a-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, a-PVP

This drug or research chemical is a strong stimulant which belongs to the group of pyrrolidines. This is related to the other drug called pyrovalerone which has a psychoactive effect. This chemical can improve the productivity of the person who uses it, making him awake, motivated, active and has a strong endurance.

These are just some of the available research chemicals for sale. Different companies sell various products that may help in the research and development of a drug or health supplements for both humans and animals. There are a lot of research chemicals for sale that are helpful in producing a cure for certain diseases. These products are widely available in local manufacturing plants. Some may even be bought online. Even though these chemicals may be purchased by anybody, it is still advisable to use them with utmost care and expert supervision.

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